The admin user is the one which is created at the time of signing up with Travel CEO software. For Example : At the time of signup, You entered your email id as You will receive Login Details from TravelCEO to your email id which contains the admin login details. Once you logged in as an admin user, You can configure company settings and create multiple users in your settings area. You can also create more user and assign them admin rights.

Yes. You (Your admin) can add any destination which will be available only to your company.

There are 3 Levels of users. Admin, Manager & Regular User.

  • Admin User - can change the company settings, email settings, Add New users and do everything at Travel CEO for your company.
  • Manager - Manager has the rights to do all the activities Invoice, Payments & Bookings sections along with Leads sections.

  • Regular Users - Can work only on leads, View all Reports & etc. The important / vital information are hidden for regular user.