Once you click on the Invoice, you can find the option to edit the invoice on top right corner as shown below

You can change the invoice template in CRM settings --> Invoice Settings --> Invoice Templates

Invoice is the initial Stage of the Booking /Trip.

When you update first payment (customer payment) on invoice, The invoice will be converted to Booking/trip. The invoice will be moved from invoice section to Trips Section. You can find that particular booking under "Trips" section.

Also, You can convert invoice to booking/trip at the time of creating invoice. There is a  check-box [ ] at the bottom of the invoice creation page. If you select this option then new invoice will be created and it will be converted to Trip without payment.
There are 2 ways to convert invoice into booking/trip.

Option 1 : At the time of creating invoice, there is an option to convert the invoice to booking/trip. By doing this way, The invoice will be converted as Booking/trip without a customer payment.

Option 2 : you can update payment on invoice, When you are updating the first payment on invoice, the invoice will be converted to Booking/Trip. The invoice will be moved out of invoice section and placed into Trips section.
Yes. You can customize the invoice as per your company color theme.

To change invoice format /logo, you need to login as an Admin for your account and go to Company Settings "Top right corner", then go to "Invoice Settings". Here you can do all settings related to Invoice.
Yes. Some countries have 2 tax systems. 
Example : 
In India, there are 2-tax entries - IGST, SGST. 
You can choose whether you want to enter 2 tax or 1 tax information. You can also create some invoices with 2 tax and some invoices with 1 tax. It is as per your requirement.
Yes. You can update any number of installment /part payment for an invoice or trip. 

You can exclusively create invoice with various travel parameters such as Travel Date, Tour Location, Pricing for Adults & Kids, Inclusion, Exclusion, Terms and conditions .


In Pricing section you can add separate row for adult and separate row for kids since their pricing will be different.
You (Your admin) can update the terms and conditions in "Invoice / booking voucher" settings section.

This is one-time activity. Once you setup your terms and conditions, It will be reflected in all the invoices by default.
Yes, you can edit the invoice after sending it to customer. The revised invoice will be sent it to customer at the time of completion.

Yes. The invoices will be generated in PDF format. You can download and manually send it to your customer.

You (your admin) can set the bank details at "invoice / Booking" settings section in Company setting. These bank details will be automatically added into your invoice.

You can click on the drop-down action button for the particular invoice; select "update payment" option. This will take you to the page where you can add payments for the invoice with transaction details.

Yes. The software will automatically send "Cash Receipt" copy in PDF Format along with invoice copy to your customer. 

When you add first payment to any invoice, the invoice will be moved from invoice to booking sections. In this booking page, You can see complete details about the booking along with original invoice.