Lead Management

There is No limitation for creating and managing the leads 

Yes. You can import the leads from excel sheet into your CRM.

Steps to import :
Step 1 : Click "import lead from excel sheet"  link at the bottom of the page in your leads section.
Step 2 : upload the lead excel file & select the user whom you want to assign these leads. (You can choose "unassigned").
Note : You can download the sample excel sheet form the lead import page.
Step 3 : After uploading a lead file, You can map the lead fields with excel fields.

Thats All. You are done !!!

You will get the following Email alerts 

  • Lead Statistics Report - Daily.
  • Missed Lead Alert Email.
  • Weeklyl Lead Report  - Every Monday. This is about  new leads assigned and closed by each sales / employee in the last 7 days.
  • Monthly Lead Report - 1st of Every month. This report contains all the new leads, closed leads reports by each employee wise.

Yes. Customer will be notified about their  lead / enquiry assignment with contact details of your sales person. This email content can be configured by admin in Email Notification Settings.

Yes. We have a Lead widget feature. It just takes 1 Minute to create a good looking enquiry form. You just need to choose the color of the form, that’s all. Once its done, You just need to copy the 2 lines of code below the form and send it to your website designer / developer. They can add the form to your website. Your web designer can do this work maximum of 10 minutes.

Yes. Those are optional data and not mandatory.

We have created few lead status to organize your leads in an easy and more productive way. Following are the status.
  • New - Leads are in very beginning stage. customer has enquired but the quotation has not been sent.
  • Follow-up - Quotation is sent. The enquiry is under follow-up stage.
  • Potential - This is the same as "Hot Lead / Opportunity". Based on various factors you can categorize the lead as potential such as the travel date of the customer is very close, The customer has already booked flight or The customer has a very good budget & etc.
  • Positive - This status describes that the customer is about to confirm their trip with your company.
  • Closed - Lead is closed for various reasons such as booked with your company, Trip cancelled, Trip Postponed & etc.

There is a link "view closed leads" just below the header in "Leads" section. You can click and search the closed leads by email id or customer name.


If you set a next follow-up for a particular lead at 3pm today. But if you have not udpated the lead by 3pm then it will be considered as you have missed to follow-up that particular lead.

Yes. You can click on "Lead Statistics" link and it will take you to the statistics page where you can generate the report based on the date range for your team member (sales executive).


You can generate User-wise, Status-wise, Destination-wise & much more lead reports. Please refer the reports sections for more details.