We have introduced two types of Itinerary views which are classic and modern.

The Classic Itinerary can be used to add customized tour details and can build a day-wise itinerary with 3 Hotel options (ex: 3 star, 4 star, 5 star ) in each city.

Modern Itinerary is very easy to use; all you have to do is drag and drop the activities you want and provide more details about each tour .You can have only one hotel option in each city.

Yes you can, however you need send to each customer individually. 
You can create Itinerary folder to organize all your Tour itineraries. For example, You can create "USA" folder to store all your USA package itinerary.

All users in Your company can see all the itineraries created by your company members.

Yes. You can send your itinerary from Leads section. Just follow the below steps to send itinerary to your customer
  1. Open the lead.
  2. You can see "Send Quotation"  tab option on the right hand side. Just click on that.
  3. You can select the itinerary folder & Itinerary which you would like to send it to your customer.
  4. Click "Send Quotation", it will take you to a preview page. Just verify the itinerary and click "Send". That’s all.
You can set upto 3 hotel & price options for each itinerary .

Yes. Itineraries are commonly used by the team. So anyone in your team can update the itinerary.